The Pet Business Marketing Company | The Pet Business Marketing Company
The Pet Business Marketing Company | The Pet Business Marketing Company
The Pet Business Marketing Company is a UK based marketing agency working purely in the pet industry. We specialise in promoting pet related businesses.
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What We Do

Focused on the pet industry, we provide a complete social media management service. This means we post great content, we engage with your potential customers and we grow your audience in a highly targeted way. All of this is designed to drive customers to your business.


We help pet shops, boarding kennels, pet grooming businesses, pet supplies and products, vets and any other business in the pet industry.

We Work to Maximise Your Social Media Strategy in 3 Different Ways:

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We Post Relevant and Engaging Content to Each Social Network
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We Engage with Your Followers and Your Potential Customers 
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We Grow Your Highly Targeted Audience Across Your Social Media

We Post Relevant and Engaging Content for You

We post great content on your behalf.

Everything we post is carefully considered to be engaging to your target audience. To keep things interesting and to boost engagement we post a variety of different content for you.

This could be articles we’ve found in your niche, industry specific news, thought-provoking questions, inspiring quotes or brilliant photos. This is combined with promotional content about your business to increase your website hits and sales enquiries.

And if you wish, you can also provide us with any additional content you’d like including in your plan.


We Make the Optimal Number of Posts for You

Quite simply, we post at the optimal number of times for each social network. This is around 1 per day (5 per week) on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google Plus, around 3 per day on Twitter and 5 to 10 pins on Pinterest (200 per month).

As we go along we analyse and improve the timings of our posts and the type of posts we make. We aim for continual refinement and improvement in everything we do for you.

We Engage With Your Followers and Your Potential Customers

We talk with your potential customers.

We answer their questions, comments and requests. All the while gently guiding them towards your services. When we receive a direct sales lead we pass them across to your nominated staff member so they can complete the sale.


Not only this but we also proactively engage your potential customers, followers and influencers. Everything we do is designed to build you a highly targeted, engaged and growing audience with the sole purpose of increasing your customer enquiries.


We Grow Your Audience (Guaranteed On All Networks)

Everything we do is designed to grow your audience.

We are very selective in how we do this and the aim is to grow your audience in a targeted and intelligent way. So as we grow your followers, more of them will be likely to buy your product or service. We grow your social audience to help you grow your business.

It’s all about finding the right audience for your product and then providing the content they want to see on their social media. Then it’s a case of interacting with them and gently letting them know who you are and how you can help them.

So that should give you an idea of what we do for you. If you’ve read this far, you’ll love our next page: How it Works